Product Manager

Product Manager

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Job Description

Product ManagerJob
Description:agile product manager is the leader responsible for a given
product created by a scrum development team.A product manager holds the central position in each product
development cycle. Additionally, can operate in various roles within a
cross-functional team.Product manager takes on several roles, including product
designer, product analysis, manage the product backlog, or the prioritized list
of requirements for future product development.It is full responsibility of the product manager to ensure
successful product delivery. Responsibilities
Design, implement and support a best-in-class
Enterprise solution application.·       
Act as the voice of the user. Build deep
customer understanding via meetings, surveys, analytics, beta testing and
usability research with the results summarized in personas that connects
customer needs to the solutions·       
Drive the product planning & release timetable
in coordination with the internal and external stakeholders·       
Author roadmaps, epics, user stories and use
cases, functional and non-functional requirements, and acceptance criteria to
clearly define and communicate new services and features·       
Define the metrics to ship with your features
to measure usage and other success indicators, monitor those metrics, and
determine if the work is successful·       
Balance internal & external demands with
available resources by prioritizing requirements, scoping features &
setting expectations·       
Lead agile cross-functional teams to bring
new features and services to market·       
Build awareness of the market, technology,
and competitive trends. Prepare detailed competitive analysis and benchmarking·       
Engage with our user community to understand
their needs and design new Getting Started Guides, How-To's and Quick Starts
and workflows to unlock their potential·       
Support and enable sales with the technical
audience questions·       
Work closely with the sales and CS teams to
scale their technical capabilities and to leverage their customer reach to
understand the customer needs·       
Acting as primary communicator for any aspect
related to the product·       
Define clear product road map·       
Build product roadmap, epics, workflows, diagrams,
and processes·       
Gathers, manages, and prioritizes the product
Ensures user stories are “ready” for development
to start work.·       
Collaborate with UI/UX to ensure all mockups are
converted to actual design that fits with the requirements·       
Writing epics, features, and user stories.·       
Ensures each story has the correct acceptance
Conduct and lead sprint planning meetings·       
Ensures close collaboration with the development
Participating in daily scrums·       
Evaluating product progress at each iteration·       
Overseeing development stages·       
Prioritizes defect or bug resolution.·       
Collaborate with Ops to get customer feedback
and continuously improve the product·       
Conduct market research and review competitors·       
Send release announcements to all stakeholdersCompetencies
Minimum 8 years of experience in the arena of
business and technical analysis.·       
High levels of responsibility and intense focus.·       
High analytical skills for gathering and
analyzing information for timely decision making and problem solving.·       
High-level knowledge of agile software
Experience in project management·       
Excellent communication skills, especially with
customers and leadership·       
Continuous problem-solving ability·       
Knowing when to say no.·        delegate and ideally build an informal team that
will help leading the product

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • team management
  • product planning and management

Education + Experience

  • Qualification: Degree
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