Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Dehradun, India


Job Description

Title: Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Location: Dehradun, India (with travel to Dubai every

Job Overview:

We are seeking an experienced Senior Finance Manager
or Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to join our company. The ideal candidate will
have a minimum of 5 years of experience in a senior finance role, preferably
with no more than 2 companies. The candidate should be in their 40s and willing
to relocate to Dehradun, India, with periodic travel to Dubai. The successful
candidate will be responsible for managing the various pillars of the finance
department, including accounts and bookkeeping, budgeting and analysis, finance
and cash flow management, and compliance with Indian, UAE, and Saudi
regulations.  They
must have prior experience working with startups and high growth companies.


Accounts and Bookkeeping:

Oversee all aspects of financial accounting,
ensuring accurate bookkeeping, journal entries, and month-end closing
Coordinate and manage the timely completion of
the annual financial audit, ensuring compliance with accounting standards
and regulations.
Monitor and reconcile bank accounts, ensuring
accurate recording of all financial transactions.

Budgets and Analysis:

Lead the budgeting process, working closely with
department heads to develop accurate and comprehensive budgets.
Conduct regular analysis of financial performance
against budgets and forecasts, providing insights and recommendations to
senior management.
Identify areas for cost optimization and
efficiency improvement, collaborating with cross-functional teams to
implement necessary changes.

Finance and Cash Flow Management:

Develop and implement robust cash flow management
strategies to optimize liquidity and ensure the availability of funds for
Monitor cash flow projections and manage working
capital, including receivables and payables.
Assess and manage financial risks, implementing
appropriate risk mitigation strategies.
Provide financial analysis and recommendations on
investment opportunities and financing activities.


Ensure compliance with financial regulations,
accounting standards, and tax laws in India, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.
Stay updated on changes in regulatory
requirements and proactively implement necessary changes to maintain
Liaise with external auditors, tax authorities,
and regulatory bodies to address compliance-related matters.


Bachelor's degree in finance, accounting, or a
related field; MBA or CA preferred.
Minimum 5 years of experience in a senior finance
role, preferably with no more than 2 companies.
In-depth knowledge of accounting principles,
financial analysis, budgeting, and cash flow management.
Experience in managing compliance with Indian,
UAE, and Saudi regulations is strongly preferred.
Strong analytical skills and the ability to
interpret financial data to support decision-making.
Excellent leadership and people management
Proven track record of implementing financial
controls and process improvements.
Exceptional communication and interpersonal
Willingness to relocate to Dehradun, India, and
travel to Dubai every quarter.

If you are a dynamic finance professional with a
proven track record in finance management, compliance, and cash flow
management, and are ready to take on a leadership role in a growing
organization, we encourage you to apply for this position. We offer a competitive
salary, benefits, and opportunities for professional growth. Please submit your
resume and cover letter detailing your relevant experience and achievements.What are the candidates 3 KPI’s

Financial Performance:

Revenue Growth: Monitor the growth rate of
revenue and identify opportunities for revenue optimization.
Profitability: Track gross profit margin, net
profit margin, and EBITDA margin to ensure profitability targets are met.
Return on Investment (ROI): Evaluate the
effectiveness of investments and initiatives by measuring the return
Working Capital Management: Monitor and optimize
working capital levels to ensure efficient use of resources


Cash Flow Management:

Cash Conversion Cycle: Measure the time it takes
for cash to flow into and out of the company, aiming to minimize the
Cash Flow Forecast Accuracy: Evaluate the
accuracy of cash flow projections and enhance cash flow management
strategies accordingly.
Liquidity Ratio: Monitor the organization's
ability to meet short-term obligations by analyzing liquidity ratios like
the current ratio and quick ratio.
Debt Management: Assess and manage debt levels to
optimize interest costs and maintain a healthy debt-to-equity ratio.


Cost Management:

Cost Reduction Initiatives: Track cost reduction
efforts to improve operational efficiency and optimize cost structures.
Cost of Goods Sold (COGS): Monitor COGS to ensure
effective cost control in production or service delivery.
Overhead Cost Ratio: Analyze and manage overhead
costs to optimize cost structures and improve profitability.


Strategic Financial Planning:

Financial Forecast Accuracy: Assess the accuracy
of financial projections and refine forecasting models as needed.
Capital Expenditure Analysis: Evaluate investment
opportunities and analyze the financial impact of capital projects.
Scenario Analysis: Conduct scenario analysis to
assess the potential financial impact of different business scenarios or
strategic decisions.


Risk Management:

Risk Identification and Mitigation: Assess and
mitigate financial and operational risks to protect the organization's
financial health.
Compliance: Monitor compliance with financial
regulations, accounting standards, and relevant legal requirements.
Insurance Coverage: Evaluate insurance coverage
to mitigate potential risks and protect the organization's assets.

 Candidate should have minimum work experience:
5 yearsPreferred- Company work experience - Real Estate or Hospitality Marketing experience.  Ideally also have knowledge of how the Middle
East works.

 Skills or technology the
candidate must know how to use: Al and other latest Marketing tools.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • accounting

Education + Experience

  • Qualification: Degree
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