Customer Experience Executive

Customer Experience Executive

Perintalmanna, India


Job Description

Tracking customer experiences across online and offline channels, devices, and touchpoints.
Collaborating with IT developers, as well as the production, marketing, and sales teams to enhance customer services and brand awareness.
Aligning customer experience strategies with marketing initiatives. as well as informing customers about new product features and functionalities.
Identifying customer needs and taking proactive steps to maintain positive experiences.
Responding to customer queries in a timely and effective manner, via phone, email, social media, or chat applications.
Analyzing customer feedback on product ranges and new releases, as well as preparing reports.
Performing product tests, evaluating after-sales and support services, and facilitating improvements.
Documenting processes and logging technical issues, as well as customer compliments and complaints.
Keeping informed of industry trends and new CRM technologies.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • persuasive speaking skills
  • empathy
  • adaptability
  • clear communication skills

Education + Experience

  • Qualification: Bachelor's degree
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